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STEP 1: DEVELOP YOUR STORY. What do you want people to KNOW and FEEL about your organization?

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I started my career as a public relations exec in Silicon Valley, then came to Boston to earn my PhD.  Academically, I focused on museums and representations of history.  In my dissertation, I analyzed the stories a Jerusalem museum told, and what those stories revealed about its designers.

After years in Academia, I returned to my marketing roots and launched my own business creating websites, developing brand identity, designing logos, and managing social media campaigns.  I learn my clients' goals and aesthetics, and then combine my strategic mindset, graphic design, writing, and communication skills to create compelling, beautiful logos, websites and social media collateral. 

When I'm not designing websites, I'm the National Facebook Lead for a grassroots social media team working in tandem with the Biden/Harris campaign. I enjoy hanging out with my husband and 7th grade son, walking my pup, losing myself in escapist fiction, and employing the Oxford comma. 


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