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strategic web design

Your website is the most visible representation of your organizations' purpose, value, self-image, and ethos. It  is a valuable windows into your organization's identity. It can show viewers whether your program is well conceived, organized, and thoughtful. It can convey warmth, empathy, innovation, and purpose. At its best, your website tells the best, most positive story about your organization. At worst, it can make you look scattered and disorganized.

Most of all, your website is one tool in a much larger storytelling toolbox.

I'm here to help you develop your story and find the most beautiful and compelling way to organize and represent it. I use organization, design, color, images, font, and movement to tell rich and compelling stories about the organizations I help.

about me

I started my career as a public relations exec in Silicon Valley, then came to Boston to earn my PhD.  Academically, I focused on museums and representations of history.  In my dissertation, I analyzed the stories a Jerusalem museum told, and what those stories revealed about its designers.

After spending many years in Academia, I now create websites for educational organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits that reflect the brand and personality of the organizations they represent. I combine my clients' goals, their business, and their aesthetic, with my graphic design, writing, and communication skills to create compelling, beautiful sites. I am able to bridge the gap between Academic and Marketing language as very few others can.

When I'm not designing websites, I'm designing jewelry, hanging with my husband and 6th grade son, walking Ruby the Cavachon, and losing myself in escapist fiction. I'm also following the 2020 presidential election and writing opinion pieces here. I love my family, my pooch, and the oxford comma.



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