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NOn-prOfit OrganizatiOns

FOunding NONprOfits

Stephanie co-founded two advocacy nonprofit organizations to help Democrats build power in the face of the MAGA fascist threat: More Perfect Democracy and Hoosier Victory Alliance


More Perfect Democracy, a digital advocacy group, consulted with individuals and advocacy groups nationwide on winning messaging. We created social media content, social media strategy, FB, Twitter, and Instagram groups for effective amplification. MPD was eventually folded into Hoosier Victory Alliance.

HVA Logo large.png

Hoosier Victory Alliance works with state and local campaigns in Indiana to provide a new playbook for regaining power in this gerrymandered and voter-suppressed state with a MAGA supermajority in the statehouse. HVA provides a campaign academy for candidates, is launching Blue Indiana, and sponsors the What the Gerrymander podcast. Stephanie is co-founder and Chief Communications Officer.

We provide nonprofit advocacy and learning organizations with message strategy, brand identity, and communications programs. We will help you develop your organizational
story, your central messaging themes, and the work with designers on graphics and branding to tell your
story most effectively.

We help develop your social media strategy, templates, and graphics. We also write editorials, letters to the editor, advertising text and scripts, news releases and public statements.

cOmmunicatiOns for
NOnprOfit OrganizatiOns

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