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Homeschool Day 2: Technology is our Friend

On day 2 (is that it??? This week already seems to be two years long), Benjy took his first online course from, and it was glorious. Someone else was teaching a small group of kids how to do outlining, and Benjy was engaged and active. And I got to sit and read the news (which of course is depressing and infuriating).

Benjy has also been creating a vlog of his Covid-19 home adventure. Yesterday afternoon, he spent nearly 2 hours recording video, piecing together still photos, finding music, editing it all together, and creating his second vlog post. Right now we're keeping the settings on private, but I might post a link to the channel at some point.

We also went through a batch of old pictures, particularly my college graduation. Benjy looked at a picture of me at 21 and then at me in real life and said my face was more "shiny" then. Also, he looked at envelopes of negatives and said, "what are those?" Sometimes I forget just how fast life has changed between the mid 90s and today. And sometimes I feel ancient.

Hoping to sign up for more online classes. And I think Benjy's going to join a book club that his friend his starting. Yay! Gotta have some contact beyond the three of us or we all might just go insane.

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